PHOTOROMANCE Staging the sagas of our aspiration

April 29, 2008

As part of Temporary Agency, Chelsea space, London

in collaboration with Micropolitics Research Group


"...Do you mean my 'real work' or 'what I do for money'?..."

Internships, work experience, job placements and voluntary invigilation are often seen as a step on the ladder towards professional life. Increasingly, however they are becoming a structural condition masking the crumbling of public culture as we knew it.
Passions, seduction, desires and betrayal all play a role in the experience of working for free. How do we survive and narrate the internship drama? Characters, wigs, speech bubbles, gestural tableaux: this photoromance shoot is a serious investigation in disguise. We will reflect upon what we learn from free labour and how we might stage our aspirations otherwise.

Begins at 6:30pm

An evening of despondent dancing and joyful analysis.