Tacky Formats: An extradisciplinary swap session of convivial tools, participatory processes and militant methods.

Berlin, May 24-28, 2007
HAU 1, foyer, 2nd tier
Saturday, May 26, 11am
Hebbel am Uferhallesches Ufer
3210963 BERLIN

The central questionof the workshop is based around our own pre-occupations with how we format encounters in group processes. The session will concentrate on two moments in organising – beginnings and ends. In particular, we are interested finding alternatives to the more stereotypical trajectories that move:

a) from radical start-ups to conventional conclusions
b) from cozy group identification to sectarian bickering
c) from passionate agendas to fizzling (or burning) out
d) from 'everyone is welcome' to 'everyone but him/her!'
e) from informal decision-making to unspoken hierarchies
f) from the interview to the test…

Departing from the tricks, micropolitical situations and anxieties (or disasters!) of participants, the workshop will be a safe space for trading anecdotes, sagas, myths and memoirs.
Based on the interests of those we've invited, the session will draw from a variety of experiences and studies.

Our own caprices have recently strayed us into notions of: flirting, mingling, pimpin', awards, cocktails, chatting up, adventures, ambulations, storytelling, silences, friction, vibe checks, warm-ups, being ignorant in public, misunderstandings, diplomats, cheerleaders, sychronised swimmers, breaking up, traps and trap doors …